Pantone Honored Conan O’Brien by Developing 'Team Coco Orange' for Comedy Icon

TBS use the Team Coco Orange to paint art displays in Los Angeles and New York City

LOS ANGELES – Defining a new era in multi-platform comedy, Conan O’Brien debuted his revamped thirty-minute late-night show and expanded Team Coco fan experience on Jan. 22, 2019. To celebrate the legacy of Conan’s illustrious television career and the expansion of the Team Coco brand, the global color experts at The Pantone Color Institute worked with Team Coco to define and create an official CONAN color: Team Coco Orange. This exclusive honor bestowed only upon such legends as Prince, Jay Z, and Barbieâ, truly indicates that Conan has reached icon status. The custom hue is based on the shade his fans have made the unique identifying characteristic of Conan’s brand. The signature color will not only be at the center of branding for Team Coco, it will represent the spirit of Conan’s comedy: energizing, fearless, warm-hearted, and animated. Starting in January, TBS will use the Team Coco Orange to paint New York City and Los Angeles in fantastic, artistic displays in each city.

“Good natured and expansive, friendly and gregarious, Conan’s Team Coco Orange is an energizing and fearless orange tone with a touch of tang,” Pantone Color Institute Vice President Laurie Pressman said. “Designed to be animated and spontaneous, Conan’s Team Coco orange is instantly engaging and conveys a playful sense of fun.”

From now until Jan. 22, 2019, Team Coco Orange will cover more than 25,000 square feet in New York City’s West Village. The experience will live on 7th Avenue between Christopher and Barrow and will feature specially designed, vibrant art installations for fans to discover. Uniquely picturesque and Instagrammable, the takeover will lighten up the city’s grey winter days. In addition, buses in New York will get an orange upgrade.

In a first of its kind in Los Angeles, a massive, fabricated billboard with more than 1000 light bulbs will illuminate downtown at The ROW DTLA touting TEAM COCO ♥ LA from Jan. 18-22, 2019.

“The partnership with Pantone is an opportunity to recognize Conan’s rabid fan following and the expansion of the Team Coco brand,” said Michael Engleman, chief marketing officer for TBS and TNT. “This custom Pantone color in many ways solidifies the iconic imagery created by fans and the endless catalog of fan art.  I don’t know of any other television personality that can be so easily identified by something as simple as a color.”
Conan’s Team Coco is a fan-centric entity that serves as the show's digital and social media hub. Team Coco is responsible for expanding the CONAN brand into additional content experiences across all screens, including digital and branded content, podcasting, mobile gaming, pay TV and live tours. Fans are invited to join #TeamCoco for a chance to win daily “orange” prizes and other perks. For more information on the fan perks program, go to