Available Episodes

S1 | E1 Pilot 24 min
S1 | E1 Chad 24 min
Eager to make his mark on his first day of high school, Chad spins a lie about his summer that quickly spirals out of control. ..More
S1 | E2 Sword 20 min
S1 | E2 Chad 20 min
Chad receives a special gift from his estranged father, but when he uses it to gain social capital at school his plans go horribly awry. ..More
S1 | E3 Ikrimah Breakup 21 min
S1 | E3 Chad 21 min
When his mom breaks up with her boyfriend and Chad's left without a father figure, Chad does everything in his power to win him back. ..More
S1 | E4 K-Pop 21 min
S1 | E4 Chad 21 min
In search of his identity, Chad joins Asian Appreciation Club and stumbles onto the world and wonder of K-Pop. ..More
S1 | E5 Whiskey Slaps 21 min
S1 | E5 Chad 21 min
When Chad discovers his little sister Niki is far more mature than him, he's faced with either growing up or falling further behind. ..More
S1 | E6 Hamid 21 min
S1 | E6 Chad 21 min
Desperate to score the newest LeBron sneakers, Chad finds himself on a wild and unexpected adventure with his uncle Hamid. ..More
S1 | E7 Lakehouse 21 min
S1 | E7 Chad 21 min
Chad's dream of becoming popular is finally within grasp after he receives an invite to a boys' weekend at Reid's Lakehouse. ..More
S1 | E8 Finale 22 min
S1 | E8 Chad 22 min
When the entire school thinks Chad's been the victim of discrimination, he's forced to choose between his newfound popularity and the truth. ..More


Chad 30 seconds
Did you hear? A new season of Chad is coming soon. ..More
Chad 3 min Expires January 1
Nasim Pedrad, creator and star of the tbs comedy Chad, discusses the origins of the show and why she’s so excited to bring this story to life. ..More
Chad 2 min Expires January 1
Chad Amani, high school freshman and star of the tbs comedy Chad, interviews Nasim Pedrad, the creator and ALSO the star of the tbs comedy Chad. ..More