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2 Broke Girls
S4 | E13 And the Great Unwashed 20 min
S4 | E13 2 Broke Girls 20 min
Max and Caroline learn that one of their customers at the diner is a successful photographer who is keeping a secret. ..More
2 Broke Girls
S4 | E14 And the Cupcake Captives 20 min
S4 | E14 2 Broke Girls 20 min
Sophie's wedding is interrupted by a hostage situation. Meanwhile, Max and Caroline's cupcake business gets some unwanted attention when a tenant who is wearing one of their company's T-shirts is arrested. ..More
2 Broke Girls
S4 | E15 And the Fat Cat 20 min
S4 | E15 2 Broke Girls 20 min
Max and Caroline's missing cat, Nancy, is returned by a handsome businessman; and Nancy comes home with a big surprise. ..More
2 Broke Girls
S4 | E16 And the Zero Tolerance 20 min
S4 | E16 2 Broke Girls 20 min
Max and Caroline get second jobs as a pastry chef and a hostess at a trendy restaurant to help pay off their bank loan. ..More
2 Broke Girls
S4 | E17 And the High Hook-Up 20 min
S4 | E17 2 Broke Girls 20 min
Max pursues a handsome new coworker at the restaurant, despite the owner's "no hook-up" rule. ..More
2 Broke Girls
S4 | E18 And the Taste Test 20 min
S4 | E18 2 Broke Girls 20 min
Sophie takes Max and Caroline shopping for their bridesmaid dresses, so the girls enlist the diner gang's help to hide the most hideous ones to avoid being utterly humiliated. ..More
2 Broke Girls
S4 | E19 2 Broke Girls 20 min
Max and Caroline try to get work for Nash as a model in an effort to make some extra money acting as his managers. Meanwhile, Sophie and Oleg attempt to remain celibate for 30 days before their wedding. ..More
2 Broke Girls
S4 | E20 And the Minor Problem 20 min
S4 | E20 2 Broke Girls 20 min
Max and Caroline's attempt to break Nash into the modeling business is threatened when his mother arrives from Ireland to retrieve her son. ..More
2 Broke Girls
S4 | E21 2 Broke Girls 20 min
Max and Caroline help launch the opening of The High's new location at JFK airport. Meanwhile, Sophie learns that Oleg may have an ulterior motive for wanting to marry her. ..More
2 Broke Girls
S4 | E22 2 Broke Girls 20 min
Season 4 ends with Max and Caroline tasked with retrieving Sophie's wedding dress from airport customs and safely transporting it to the church in time for the nuptials. ..More
2 Broke Girls
S5 | E1 And the Wrecking Ball 20 min
S5 | E1 2 Broke Girls 20 min
Season 5 begins with Max and Caroline teaming up with the diner staff in a frantic attempt to keep their businesses open when the city targets Han's diner and their cupcake window for destruction. ..More
2 Broke Girls
S5 | E2 And the Gym and Juice 20 min
S5 | E2 2 Broke Girls 20 min
The shower at Max and Caroline's apartment breaks, so they get part-time jobs at a fancy gym's juice bar and enjoy free use of the locker room. ..More
2 Broke Girls
S5 | E3 And the Maybe Baby 20 min
S5 | E3 2 Broke Girls 20 min
The girls run into Caroline's newly engaged ex, Candy Andy, and Caroline offers to make his wedding cake. Later, when she sees Andy's seemingly perfect relationship, she wonders if she should have stayed with him. ..More
2 Broke Girls
S5 | E4 2 Broke Girls 20 min
Max and Caroline's cupcake shop is boycotted after they refuse to sell cupcakes to an artist who wants to put cocktail weenies in them. ..More
2 Broke Girls
S5 | E5 And the Escape Room 20 min
S5 | E5 2 Broke Girls 20 min
Han believes his diner employees are not working together as a team, so he insists they all attend a mandatory night out at the Escape Room club. ..More
2 Broke Girls
S5 | E6 2 Broke Girls 20 min
Max is puzzled and curious when her new beau expresses hesitations about intimacy because he is "not regular down there." Meanwhile, Sophie and Oleg struggle to get pregnant. ..More
2 Broke Girls
S5 | E7 2 Broke Girls 20 min
Caroline's grandmother Astrid awakens from a coma with no knowledge of her family's massive money scandal, so Caroline tries to keep the truth from her a bit longer by giving Astrid one last fancy luncheon. ..More
2 Broke Girls
S5 | E8 2 Broke Girls 20 min
Max & Caroline interfere with a basketball game in an attempt to promote their cupcakes, but the chaos that ensues threatens to ruin their business' reputation. ..More
2 Broke Girls
S5 | E9 And the Sax Problem 20 min
S5 | E9 2 Broke Girls 20 min
Earl is crushed when he is not invited to play with his old jazz band at their reunion show, so the diner gang join forces to help get Earl back performing on stage. ..More
2 Broke Girls
S5 | E10 And the No New Friends 20 min
S5 | E10 2 Broke Girls 20 min
Caroline falls in with the wrong crowd when she tries to make new friends after Max reconnects with an old friend. ..More